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Allergy to down and feathers is rare! Please also observe that the cotton ticking of down and feather pillows is also so densely woven that it represents an almost impenetrable wall for the ugly mite. Mussner offers an allergic duvets with polyester fiber filling.

The atlas weave is one of the basic weave types in addition to the twill weave and the plain weave. Atlas weaves can mostly be identified at first sight by their smooth, seemingly untextured surfaces and their brilliance. Both are created by evenly distributed crosses which form a ridge of twill.


This is a cotton fabric which is thinner than Nm 80 in plain weave.

Our luxury collection of 100% pure cotton jersey-sheets is available in different colors. Sizes to fit single, double, king and super king size beds are supplied. A choice of flat sheets or fitted sheets is included.

Comfortable, crisp and durable, fine cotton bed sheets are truly established as the ultimate bed linen fiber. Soft and long lasting.


Duvets where the filler is in three-dimensional pockets; these have small interconnected interior tie bars on the top and bottom of both inlet layers, or in between them, which allow a larger filler and are therefore used to produce warmer duvets. The exterior edge is finished with a piping or with an exterior tie bar.

The OEKO-TEX Standard -  As a result, textile producers are successfully designing products using ‘environmentally friendly’ working methods to produce safe products that are not a risk to the customer. The Oeko-Tex label is an internationally registered mark. The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is a human-ecological product label that ensures down and feather filled products of the highest quality possible. Customers can be confident that products are regularly tested during production for chemicals and dyes that are hazardous to health or the environment. 

All products of the Mussner Company are certified according to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, which is the most rigid environmental control system in the business.

A regrowing raw material for growing demands. It is robust against any kind of wet treatment (boiling and tumbling), can absorb up to 65% of its own weight without dripping and is also hardly electrostatic. In addition, the fineness and softness prevent skin irritations and it has temperature balancing properties. Overall a unique fibre which is perfect for bed linen. Cotton, or “gossypium” as botanists call it, belongs to the mallow family and originates in a wide range of countries; it blossoms and flourishes wherever tropical or subtropical climates exist, from parts of the US to Brazil and Egypt and all the way to China or Australia. The most important quality feature is the so-called staple length which can vary between an average of 18 and 42 mm. The longer the fiber, the better the quality. It is worthy of note that the longest and finest fibers have the greatest strength.


Daunasan® and Downafresh® are brands of the European Down and Feather Association. They certify that the filler material complies with EN 12935 (hygiene and cleanliness requirements for feathers and down).

The name Daunenstep or Daunen Step indicates a type of duvet stiching.

A bed must warm up quickly and at the same time be able to transport humidity. This is exactly the strong point of feathers and down. Their secret is quite literally in the air. Thanks to the special structure of feathers and down, capillaries and air bubbles are created in the duvet. Air, known to be a very bad heat conductor, provides the bed’s insulating effect. As additional benefits the great elasticity or filling power and the hygroscopicity must be mentioned. Down and feathers can absorb humidity and transport it away from a sleeping person. This natural humidity regulation ensures a comfortable dry sleeping climate. By the way, all you allergic persons out there, remain unconcerned, despite any assertions to the contrary. Comprehensive examinations have shown that feather and down duvets do not play a part as a place of location nor source of food for house dust mites.

Down is a very light flake which grows under the outer protection feathers of geese. From a faintly implied down core, bushels of uncounted light, fluffy filaments grow which provide the end product with volume, wad strength and a light weight.

Nature has equipped Ducks and Geese with down and feathers. This unique natural protection even allows them to swim in the freezing waters. Down and feathers consist of small air channels. The air is an obstacle for the cold or the warmth to reach the body, thus isolating against the very cold temperatures and also the very warm temperatures. Down and feathers from seabirds are protected against humidity, and transports the humidity away from the body. This quality provides the comfortable and healthy micro climate which only a down duvet can offer.

From the French duvet "down", is a type of bedding — a soft flat bag traditionally filled with down or feathers, or a combination of both and used on a bed as a blanket. Duvets originated in rural Europe and were made from the down feathers of the Eider duck, known for its usefulness as an insulator.

A duvet filled with natural down is an inimitable comfort element and has become a must-have. 

What could be more pleasant than finding a cozy bed and sleeping like a bird in its nest?

Down and feathers have been an important part of the middle e nord Europe trade history, tradition and craftsmanship. The Company Mussner takes this tradition into today’s society.

This knowledge and tradition of down and feathers, enables you to find the down duvet that will fulfill all your requirements and expectations.

The nature equipped the geese and ducks with feathers and down suited to protect them against the cold. This gives the birds the ability to live in brash of ice, and extreme temperatures. The downs and feathers are constructed with an incredible air passage system, insulating the small bodies, making an efficient fence towards loss of heat.

Therefore Down offers remarkable thermal properties and lofting characteristics. As a result of these characteristics down is better able to capture and hold small pockets of air, providing superior insulating performance, making it ideal for comforters and bedding.

Because of its natural resilience down is durable and reliable for years. Because of the insulating efficiency of down, products such as down bedding, goose down filled comforters and bed comforters are very lightweight, making these luxury comforters even more desirable.

The Mussner Company offers a large variety of goose down comforters, luxury comforters and down bedding. Down filled bedding and comforters are also ideal in any climate, year round, because the down feathers allow air to circulate.

The Mussner Collection of natural duvets comprises Goose and Duck down fillings, all of the highest quality, from Europe. The ideal down duvet offers ‘warmth without weight’ and superb drape ability, so that the entire duvet snuggles around the body. It should give adequate insulation and be neither too hot nor too cold.

A Duvet cover is just another name for a comforter or blanket cover. It is necessary to cover and protect your down comforter with a duvet. You can also use a duvet over your regular comforter or polyester cover to create a new look. It's a simple way to redecorate your room in a snap. Duvets are not heavy and bulky so they can be easily stored (unlike your comforter). You can also use your duvet cover alone in the summer for a lighter feel and use it to cover your comforter or blanket during the colder months. Mussner Duvet covers come in different styles, fabrics, colors and patterns and are easy and affordable to use. Decorating with duvet covers gives you an easy alternative to have a new coordinated bedding ensemble every laundry day. If you are using a down comforter, or even just looking for a decorating change in for your bedroom, a duvet cover could be the perfect answer.

In pastel shades and darker toned colors available online. Each duvet cover set includes, pillow cases. Single sets include one matching pillow case. Double sets include two matching pillow cases.

Our specially selected collection of soft premier duvet covers is made from tightly woven cotton fabric, which requires minimum ironing. Quality duvet covers are highly recommended to protect and enhance your duvet.

A down comforter cover can help provide protection and extend the life of any type of comforter. Also called a duvet cover, these covers are somewhat similar to how a pillowcase protects your pillow.

The down comforter cover will prevent dirt, body oils, cosmetics and sweat from getting all over your comforter. Why is this important? Because the dirt and chemicals can easily break down the fibers in any comforter.

Another nice aspect of having a down comforter cover is that they can change the look of your bedroom decor at any time. Keep in mind that comforters can last for 20-50 years in many cases. Adding a cover to your comforter will let you change the color scheme without having to buy a new comforter.

The Mussner Company’s collection offers genuine value for money in relation to quality - many years of satisfaction with your selection will quickly outweigh cheaper alternative products in terms of lifetime, comfort and pleasure.


Supreme Down collected from the eider duck. The Queen of Downs. the only eiderdown in the world that is cleaned by hand. This manual method allows the superb qualities of the eiderdown to be maintained, and this makes eiderdown the unique down-material. The Eider is a marine duck, whose down is almost black and very thick. People hunted it so much that it almost disappeared and finds itself on the list of endangered species. The price of this rare down is very high and does not justify its choice. It is for environmental reasons that Luxury Duvet chose not to sell Eider down, all the more since its quality borders on our goose down.

Eiderdown has a unique insulating quality. The lifetime of a duvet with EIDERDOWN is many times longer than average. Several EIDERDOWN-duvets are more than a 100 years old.


Small feathers with a quill which give the duvet elasticity and strength. It has a shorter and softer barb than the long feathers and a well developed quill unlike the down feather.

The filling power tells you a lot about the down qualities ability to fill your duvet, and to give room to the air that is warmed by your body when you sleep. Weight/volume ratio of down flakes. The greater the filling power, the better the quality of the down.


Main cause of allergies in the domestic area is the house dust mite which is “invisible” to the naked eye. Humidity, heat and the natural skin desquamation of humans as food are all available in the mite’s perfect habitat: the mattress.

The body transpires almost half a liter of liquids every night. From nature the down and feathers are protected from water. This fact enables them to transport the humidity away from the body, without making you cold or uncomfortable. The down duvet will keep you dry, warm and comfortable. Common for all down duvets is this ability of transporting humidity from the body, making a unique microclimate that gives the extreme sensation of dryness and nicely tempered comfort.


Inlets are made of the best Egyptian Cotton Batiste. This cambric is very light, bright and soft, and keeps the content inside the full length channels in the most satisfactory way. These qualities are woven to give the user maximum comfort, with a beautiful finish. The inlet-casing has to be made with a very tight weaving, it has to be thin, made with a 100% stain-resisting cotton, let the air and not the down go through. Out of these beautiful raw materials, we are making duvets in most international measures.



  • 100% natural fillings of outstanding quality
  • Non-allergenic and asthmatically friendly
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification
  • Nomite Label – impenetrable by dust mites


Duvets are made of long lasting materials. Remember to shake it gently every morning, and give it an airing now and then, but not directly into the sunlight.

Certainly we can wash your duvet or steam-clean the duvet, which you should do every 7th year. It is also possible to increase the quantity of down if you want a warmer duvet, or extract down if that is necessary.

For more than 120 years the owner-family has used high quality down to created down duvets to last a lifetime. And the customers benefit from that experience in creating and marketing high quality down duvets and pillows, tailored to suit customers looking for the best.We deal with our customers individually, taking into account that their needs differ.

We can adjust the duvet individually by varying the number and width of the channels as well as the quality and quantity of down to fill the duvet

As an extension of our service we offer you to return your down duvet if the product is too warm or too cold, so that we can add down, or extract down to make the perfect solution for you.

Certainly we can wash your duvet in our special wash-machines steam-clean the duvet, which you should do every 7th year. It is also possible to increase the quantity of down if you want a warmer duvet, or extract down if that is necessary.


Our selection of natural pillows is covered with an inlet in crème or aqua color. Available in a varied range of fillings including Duck feather, Goose feather/down combinations and 100% pure down filled pillows Goose down. All sizes possible. Sizes start at 40cm x 40cm through to 80cm x 80cm

Our collection of pillows comprises goose and duck down and feathers, again of the highest quality, from Europe. The ideal pillow has a soft feel and yet gives good support.

The pillows are made in different sizes, shapes and fill to suit every need. If you do not see the shape you require in the Online Store, please contact us as we may be able to obtain it for you.

International certification of products which are suitable for people allergic to house dust mite. Products displaying the NOMITE mark provide a poor habitat for the house dust mites that rely on high humidity to live. This is because these products offer excellent thermal and climatic conditions - rapid warming up while one is sleeping and a rapid decrease in the bed’s humidity if the room is aired regularly.


Type of bed duvet make where the upper and lower inlet coating are directly stitched together forming small pockets which contain the filler. The small pockets are tightly closed and the down and feathers cannot move between the small pockets. The outer edge is equipped with a piping or with an edge fitted with a button hole


The even, closed, matt to highly glossy fabric surface is characteristic. Light, fine threaded fabric in atlas weave. Heavy, strong fabrics are, however, called atlas.


  • Ornamental Pillow 40 by 40 cm 16 by 16 inch
  • Ornamental Pillow 50 by 50 cm 20 by 20 inch
  • Italian Pillow 50 by 80 cm 20 by 32 inch
  • German Pillow 80 by 80 cm 31 by 31 inch
  • Europe Pillow 60 by 80 cm 24 by 31 inch


  • Single 135 by 200 53 by 79
  • Double 200 by 200 79 by 79
  • Double Comfort 250 by 200 100 by 79
  • King Size 225 by 220 89 by 87
  • Super King 260 by 220 102 by 87

Summer-Step: Light airy duvets, making hot nights dry and comfortable beneath a very light duvet, filled with small amounts of down.

The stitching to be optimal has to let the down breathe but has to prevent it from moving. The Karo Step stitching, present in the Mussner Karo Step duvets is to guarantee to prevent a centralization of down in one part of the duvet. This stitching allows the down to be present homogeneously distributed in the duvet.

Quality man-made polyester filling creates duvets that are light yet warm. There is a choice of tog rating (shown below) to suit all requirements and the duvets are machine washable, the cover being easy care fabric and with intermittent stitch pattern to help secure the filling in place. A must for allergy sufferers. 100% polyester microfiber is brushed for luxurious softness.

Ideal for asthma / allergy sufferers or those who prefer synthetics. Machine washable, durable and long lasting. Filled with a trevira polyester fiber. Produced in various sizes


A special service of the Mussner Company is to make duvets in every measure that clients desire. Some clients often want individual solutions. The Mussner-Duvets are handmade and individually adjusted to meet the desires of the customer. From the cold to the warm person, from the summer season to winter season.


Your duvet is machine washable at 30°C (warm). Twin size duvets usually fit in a 12kg washing-machine. Double, queen and king size duvets require 24kg washing machines. 

We advise you to add washing balls to your load to prevent down or feathers from being stuck on one side of the washing machine. Be aware that there is no need to insist on pushing the duvet into the washing machine if it is too small.

However, we do recommend you to have your down duvet dry cleaned by a professional. You can also resend us your duvet. And we will wash it for you.

Technically, all weave types are closely interwoven: The longitudinal warp threads are crossed at right angles with the longitudinal weft threads. The differences only become apparent in the details.

Warm, soft, comfortable duvets, even for you sleeping in a cold room, with windows opend, and for freezing winter temperatures.

The Mussner Company is the premier online shop for high quality home textile products.

Our unmatched customer service, paired with our quality pledge, makes us your most reliable source for all of your luxury home textiles: from feather beds and down pillows to down mattress pads and down throw blankets. Take a look at our down feather bed and down feather bed cover, for an unequaled sleep experience. So take a look in our store and start sleeping better today!

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