Tablecloth Modern linen texture without decorative line Navy blue 80x80 cm
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Tablecloths in the proven FLAXY quality with modern linen structure fit stylish restaurants as well as cosy terraces. They are insensitive and stay fresh and well-groomed for a long time. The full twist fabric with 25% linen, 40% cotton and 35% modal guarantees optimum appearance, easy care and durability. FLAXY - table linen retains a neat appearance even after many washes. It dries quickly, is easy to iron and is back on the table in no time. FLAXY is very hard-wearing, dimensionally stable and durable. FLAXY is designed without decorative stitch and with a narrow seam (1 cm); on request this table linen is also available as FANNY 6 with decorative stitch. Execution: Fully twisted fabric with linen structure, without decorative stitch, narrowly hemmed (1 cm), proven or mature top product, easy care and high durability, warp and weft twisted from 40% cotton, 35% modal and 25% linen, piece-dyed, continuously tested special cross-linking, approx. 5% wash shrinkage is taken into account and included in the delivery, light fastness: 4 - 5 (DIN EN ISO 105 - B 02), hypochlorite bleach fastness: 4 (DIN EN ISO 105 - N 01), wash fastness: 4 - 5 (DIN EN ISO 105 C 06). Use colour detergent without optical brightener. Do not fully load the washing machine in order to reduce mechanical stress and the formation of creases. Iron table linen damp. A long shelf life is achieved if the table linen is washed before first use. All sizes are custom-made: 80 80 cm, 90/ 90 cm, 100/ 100 cm, 130/ 130 cm, 130/ 170 cm, 130/ 190 cm, 130/ 220 cm, 130/ 280 cm, 210/ 210 cm, 240/ 240 cm. Other sizes on request. Quality: 40% cotton, 35% modal, 25% linen, full twine. Weight: 275 g/ m² (depending on basic colour)